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Monthly Archives — March 2010

2010 Book Challenge – So Far

I have a confession to make, bookworms. I’ve been a bad reader in 2010 thus far. We’re officially one-quarter of the way through and I only have six completed books and one in progress. It’s a sad day here at the Librarian Next Door. I’d like to blame all sorts of things – work, exciting […]

Book News Round-Up

Greetings once again, bookworms. Today is yet another lazy Sunday – my favorite kind of day where there’s nothing to do really except read. And if you’re going to read something, it might as well be this week’s book news: Never fear, Reading Rainbow fans! From the mouth of LeVar Burton himself, rumors abound that […]

Book Blogs Bonanza!

I spend a good amount of time reading various book blogs, trying to stay in touch with the literary world as best I can. Reading blogs can be very much like reading a book; sure the medium is different, but the idea is the same – the desire for information of some kind. Here are […]