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Monthly Archives — April 2010

"Required" Reading

While randomly perusing my Twitter feed, I came across a tweet from Libba Bray, a talented author and award-winning to boot. She tweeted: Just read GG again. Total Love. RT @kehealey Apparently most people who read the Great Gatsby in school hated it? WHAT WHAT IS THIS. I smiled, as I do with most of […]

Book News Round-Up

Greetings bookworms and welcome to another weekend. I’m just downright giddy today because I have tomorrow off from work – welcome to the wonderful world of random Massachusetts holidays: Patriot’s Day, which commemorates some battle (Bunker Hill, perhaps) during the Revolutionary War. The fact that I don’t know what the holiday is for doesn’t really […]

National Poetry Month

You probably didn’t know (because, really, who does know about these things besides me and other weirdos who hoard facts and trivia like some people hoard action figures), but April is National Poetry Month. It was established by the Academy of American Poets to increase awareness of the art of poetry, the ability of language […]