Greetings, bookworms. It’s hard to believe that in just a few short days, yet another month will be over. It’s also hard to believe that I’m still surprised about this, since I seem to say the same thing every four weeks or so. I never learn, do I? Here’s hoping you learn something new with this week’s book news:

  • Take that! And that! In the never-ending war of book retailers, a new battle is being fought over the price of e-readers. After Barnes and Noble announced its new price for the Nook, Amazon responded by slashing the price for the Kindle – to a mere $10 less than the Nook. With Borders releasing its own e-reader later this summer, this is one war that’s bound to heat up before it gets any better.
  • It’s the little graveyard book that could! Neil Gaiman’s popular children’s novel, The Graveyard Book, won the Carnegie Medal, the U.K.’s version of the highest prize in children’s literature. With this award, Gaiman – and The Graveyard Book – becomes the only author to be awarded both the Newbery Medal and the Carnegie Medal for the same book. Gaiman expressed delight at his win, thrilled to be in the same category as the Narnia books. The Graveyard Book also won the 2009 Hugo Award and has been listed on numerous “best of” lists.
  • Water and books – not the best combination, as many libraries in Nashville found out after heavy rains and floods this spring. Luckily, you can help. Via Write Meg!, I learned about a campaign, led by The Pencil Foundation, to secure book donations for libraries throughout Nashville. The need is especially great in lower-income areas, where resources are in shorter supply. The foundation is also asking for volunteers to help distribute the books as well as plastic storage bins to help ensure that pesky water doesn’t do any more damage.
  • There’s yet another Jane Austen adaptation heading our way and this time, it’s got some Indian flair. The trailer for the Bollywood film Aisha – an updated remake of Austen’s Emma – was recently released. As far as I can tell, the movie looks like it stays fairly true to the original story, while adding its own twist to Emma, Knightley, Frank Churchill and the rest of the bunch. But since the trailer is not subtitled, I can’t be sure. I’m not an expert at understanding Hindi. The film will be released in India in November and, hopefully, at some point in the rest of the world – with subtitles.
  • A little fun random-ness to add some spice to your weekend – according to People magazine, Robert Pattison, better known to rabid Twilight fans as Edward Cullen, just might be related to Dracula – or, more specifically, Vlad the Impaler, the same (possibly) undead dude who inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Coincidence or really awesome publicity stunt? You decide. Just watch your necks.

Enjoy the last few days of June!