Ok, bookworms, I know I chose to live in New England and I know that snow comes with the territory, but seriously? I feel like I’ve barely spent any time in my office, what with all the treacherous driving conditions and snow days. On the plus side, all this bad weather does mean a guilt-free opportunity to curl up with a good book. So maybe it all balances out. Here’s this week’s book news:

  • There’s probably an app for that. According to 150 linguists at the American Dialect Society, “app” is the word of the year for 2010. App won the honor after beating out 33 other contenders, including “nom,” the “onomatopoetic form connoting eating, especially pleasurably.” It’s hard not to like a word that has “onomatopoeia” in its definition. The ADS also noted fan-made words such as “gleek” and “belieber.”
  • They are women, hear them roar! The Amelia Bloomer Project has releases its list of 2011 recommended feminist literature. The project, which is compiled annually, is part of the Feminist Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association. The honored books contain significant feminist content and are divided into three categories by age appropriateness.
  • Well, there goes my free time. Book lovers and addicts alike are constantly trying to find the “next great book” and now there’s a tool to help them. Edelweiss is a new service that’s essentially a book search tool for upcoming and new releases. It collects information from publishers’ catalogs and compiles it on one website, where readers can then search by title, subject, author, etc. Best of all, it’s free (ah, my favorite four-letter word). Thanks to The Book Lady’s Blog for pointing me toward Edelweiss and for highlighting it on her blog.
  • My, what big ambitions you have! Little Brown Books recently announced it will publish a young adult novelization of the upcoming Red Riding Hood film. The movie, directed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, is a twist on the traditional fairy tale. The novel will include details from the film’s world and behind-the-scenes details. So, to recap, it’s a novel based on a movie based on a fairy tale. Leave it to Hollywood to complicate things.
  • I just……I have no words. Clearly, hell has frozen over and the world is coming to an end.

As always, happy reading!