Happy Saturday once more, bookworms. Is anyone else feeling tired and sluggish lately? It seems we’ve hit that time in winter where winter is no longer welcome and yet it still seems to linger like a bad party guest. I’ve been having trouble finding the motivation to sit down and finish a book, so I hope I snap out of these doldrums soon. In the meantime…

  • Unless you live under a rock, then you’ve probably heard the news about Borders Bookstores filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It’s pretty significant, not because it signals the death of publishing (it doesn’t), but because of the ripple effects it will have. Amazon and, to a lesser extent, Barnes and Noble may certainly benefit, but many publishing houses rely on bookstore orders to keep afloat themselves and Borders owes a number of publishers both big and small lots of money. And, of course, a lot of book-loving, book-evangelizing people just lost their jobs as Borders is closing 200 stores. Rebecca at The Book Lady’s Blog has a great overview of what this all means and what book lovin’ people like ourselves can do.
  • I was once tortured into reading a “Best American” essays book, so it is with a bit of trepidation that I report to you that Houghton Mifflin has released the names of the “celebrity” guest editors for the 2011 editions. I find myself vaguely underwhelmed by this year’s selection, but then, do I really look like the kind of person who would pick up Best American Science and Nature Writing for fun? I thought not.
  • And then they both died. The end. Thanks to Galley Cat, I finally found Lit Drift’s 60 seconds or less project, in which they has asked people to summarize their favorite novels in 60 seconds or less. It’s interesting to see what plot points people find relevant and important; it’s also kind of neat to see how people frame the story. So far, there are two videos up, one for The Great Gatsby and the other for Romeo and Juliet. Which book would you like to see immortalized in 60 seconds? I vote for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. (42!)
  • I love it when worlds collide. Jon Stewart and Julie Andrews, two people you would never associate with the Grammy’s, have, in fact, won Grammy Awards. Stewart and his fellow Daily Show writers won for Best Spoken Word Album for their latest book, Earth, while Andrews won for Best Spoken Word Album for Children (she’s an accomplished children’s author as well as being super famous actress). I was just as giddy when former Vice President Al Gore won a Grammy. Totally mind boggling and yet, so awesome.
  • When good books go bad? Maybe? The trailer for the movie adaptation of Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed hit the Internet this week and I think (maybe – sort of) I might consider seeing it. I really enjoyed Giffin’s book (its sequel, less so), but when I heard about the casting for this movie, I was turned off – Kate Hudson as Darcy and John Krasinski as Ethan? I’m not sold (especially considering aforementioned sequel), but I do like Ginnifer Goodwin and the guy who plays Dex looks hot. What says you, bookworms?
  • Quick links: the trailer to the much-awaited film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged hit Galley Cat earlier this week. I’ve never read the book, but I’m intrigued; Director Bill Condon and producers have released another picture from the set of Breaking Dawn, this time of Isle Esme. Looks a bit gloomy, no? Foreshadowing the rest of the film, perhaps? And for pure awesomeness: #JerseyLibrarians on Twitter – and I don’t even like Jersey!

As always, happy reading!