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Monthly Archives — March 2011

March Mini Reviews

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Book News to bring you… Eep! I’m a forgetful book blogger, bookworms. During those hazy days when I had possibly-sorta-maybe (but really not) broken my wrist, I didn’t do much of anything. Mostly, I sat on my couch and read. In fact, I read two whole books that I completely […]


Just as Rose Hathaway is settling back into life at St. Vladimir Academy, a vicious Strigoi attack has everyone on high alert and brings more guardians to the school to help keep the students safe – guardians including Rose’s famous and distant mother. Instead of enjoying the Christmas season, Rose is trying to navigate her […]

Word of the Week (17)

It’s another Word of the Week! 15 down, infinite numbers to go… Ensorcelled (“en-sore-sulled”) Verb; from Dictionary.com: 1. To bewitch 2. To enchant, to fascinate “And it was ensorcelled to seek you out,” Dad added. He looked so worried and angry that I decided not to give him a hard time for using a word […]