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Some Girls Do

The Internet is abuzz thanks to the steamy, revealing blog, Scenes of a Sexual Nature. The posts leave nothing to the imagination, detailing all sorts of delicious – and sexual – secrets. The author behind the blog, NiceGirl, is a bit of an enigma, but manages to catch the eye of Mark Bell, an up-and-coming […]

I Adored a Lord

[Blogger’s Note: Yup! I’m back – sort of. As promised, I’m writing while I can, but posting will still be┬ásporadic. Enjoy!] Ravenna Caulfield has no desire to mingle with the mean girls of high society. She prefers the company of animals to people, but then she ends up at a castle in France, surrounded by […]


The faction-based society has completely unraveled. Everything Tris Prior once knew and understood is gone – torn apart by violence, conflict and competing agendas. With the factionless trying to recreate Chicago’s society in their own way, Tris is ready to leave. She wants to travel beyond the city limits to find the truth behind the […]