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The faction-based society has completely unraveled. Everything Tris Prior once knew and understood is gone – torn apart by violence, conflict and competing agendas. With the factionless trying to recreate Chicago’s society in their own way, Tris is ready to leave. She wants to travel beyond the city limits to find the truth behind the […]


This is not what Tris expected. Mere hours after her initiation into Dauntless, the factions are at war, driven by Erudite’s control of a Dauntless army and a desire for information – and secrets. On the run with her brother, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s possibly evil father, Tris must come to terms with the […]

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

What started as a project for graduate school soon turned into so much more. Lizzie Bennet began making YouTube videos for a class project, but quickly realized there was actual interest in her amusing perspective on her life, from her wild and wildly different sisters to her not-so-disguised dislike for a certain gentleman with a […]