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Three Weeks with Lady X

Thorn Dautry is exceptionally rich and looking for a wife. As the bastard son of a powerful duke, he’s looking specifically for a lady, a wife who will help give him the social status he desires. After settling on a sweet, quiet, complacent young woman, he sets about renovating his country home to meet her […]


For the past two years, I’ve been part of a wonderful book group, which started life as a small group ministry through my church. Even though I was (by far) the youngest member of this group, I felt welcomed with open arms by all of these lovely people. During the past many months, we’ve all […]

Just One Year

One summer day in August, Willem met Allyson. Only he didn’t know her as Allyson then. All he knew was that it was a remarkable day. But when events conspire to keep Willem from getting back to Allyson, everything changes. Suddenly, Willem is back home in Amsterdam, the one place he has spent years avoiding […]