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Once in a Lifetime

In the small town of Lucky Harbor, Aubrey Wellington has been known as a troublemaker all her life. While the label may have been deserved in some cases, Aubrey is now trying hard to start fresh. An accidental detour to a AA meeting has her making a list of past wrongs and Aubrey sets out […]

The Chocolate Temptation

Sarah Lin hated Patrick Chevalier. She hated how easy he made everything look, especially when she struggled so much just to get one thing right. She hated how he flirted with all the women and his laid-back and charming attitude, as if nothing ever bothered him. She hated him, because the alternative would end up […]

The Chocolate Heart

Summer Corey hates Paris. She may be the only person who does, but that doesn’t stop her from hating it. The cold, wet winter. The Eiffel Tower with its looming presence. Even the┬áMona Lisa and her smug little smile. But a devil’s bargain with her father brought her back to the one place she swore […]