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Some Girls Do

The Internet is abuzz thanks to the steamy, revealing blog, Scenes of a Sexual Nature. The posts leave nothing to the imagination, detailing all sorts of delicious – and sexual – secrets. The author behind the blog, NiceGirl, is a bit of an enigma, but manages to catch the eye of Mark Bell, an up-and-coming […]

Book News, Dec. 11th

I don’t know about you, bookworms, but I’m ready for snow. It’s December and it’s cold. Snow should be involved or else this weather is just no fun. Plus, how else will Santa get around in his sleigh if there’s no snow? While I ponder that great question of our time, how about you ponder […]

Flying Cars and Paperless Books

Reading used to be fairly straightforward: you open the book and read the words on the page. But as technology advances and all sorts of gizmos and gadgets make their way into stores, the once-simple idea of reading is changing as well. A recent article in School Library Journal outlines the launch of a new […]