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Word of the Week (166)

Happy Birthday to my friend, B. He is one of my tallest friends, knows plenty about video games and comics, and has perfected the art of wearing a pair of Vans. He’s also married to one of my very best friends, and I’ve known him since he was a mere, skinny 15-year-old. And lest anyone think […]

Book News, June 7th

Happy June, bookworms. Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you may have noticed that this weekend marks the release of The Fault in Our Stars movie. Even if you have been under a rock, it would be very difficult not to notice all the press, the John Green articles (Kelly made a handy bingo card […]

Word of the Week (157)

Happy May Day, bookworms! Though not really celebrated anymore in the US (though marking the occasion has been on the rise since the economic collapse in 2007), May Day has roots in the Celtic festival of Beltane and is now often associated with International Workers Day (kind of an international version of our American Labor […]