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Book News Round-Up

Greetings, bookworms. I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, wherever you happen to be. And I hope you enjoy this week’s book news. Someone alert the World Wildlife Foundation! We’ve got a new endangered species! According to courtroom wizard Jon Grisham, printed books now share the same rank as blue whales, cougars and Banded Hare Wallabys. […]

Book News Round-Up

Happy November, bookworms. If you’re not too sick from binging on candy, enjoy this week’s book news. 2009 still has two months to go, but that hasn’t stopped some people from compiling “best of” lists for the year. Publishers Weekly recently announced it’s Top 10 of 2009, with an additional 90 (to round out the […]

A List of Book Lists

All summer long, I’ve been compiling massive lists of books lists, since everyone and their brother apparently wrote a “summer reading” list. Here, then, are my favorite book lists of the summer. There’s a wide range of books included, from a variety of sources. Happy reading, bookworms! We start with the YALSA (Young Adult Library […]