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Read the Vote

Four years. It’s been four years since I started this blog (I totally missed my blogaversary in October. Whoops.) It’s also been four years since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. And, on Tuesday, he’ll find out if he’s going to be President for another four years. Whatever your particular political persuasion, […]

Book News, April 14th

Welcome to another weekend, bookworms. Slowly, but surely, we are creeping into spring. Boston is running it’s annual marathon on Monday (also known as Patriot’s Day, some obscure Revolutionary War holiday that only Boston celebrates, because that’s how we roll) and I’ll be out cheering for my cousin, who’s running her very first marathon. I’m […]

Book News, Jan. 29th

Welcome to another Saturday, bookworms. Today, I am putting my life on the line and learning to snowboard. It is entirely possible that I return home this evening with one of my limbs missing, though I obviously hope this is not the case. No doubt I will reward myself for hanging on to all of […]