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It’s Thanksgiving here in the US, which means stuffing ourselves silly with food, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and – of course – being thankful for all that we have. So thanks, loyal bookworms and LND readers, for sticking with me for five years. And thanks to all the authors and publishers who keep […]

Book News, Sept. 28th

We interrupt your Saturday blog reading to let you know that Book News has taken an unexpected hiatus this week, due to the unbelievable CLUSTER-FLUFF of a week I had at work. With apologies, I’m just too tired to write, even about the stuff I love. Enjoy the weekend and the fall weather. I’ll be […]

Book News, Aug. 24th

It’s the craziest thing, bookworms – there really wasn’t much book news this week. Oh sure, stuff happened, but none of it really caught my eye. So, consider this a summer break. Get off the Internet, pick up a book and READ. (And come back next week for more actual Book News).