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Happy Birthday, America!

Okay, so I’m a few days early, but it’s the week of America’s birthday and I’m a big believer in stretching out one’s birthday for as long as possible. I’m off visiting family in warm locations and celebrating the 238th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Enjoy this patriotic week and I’ll see you next […]

Book News, June 28th

It’s the end of June and nearly time for some American Independence hijinks! (We did, after all, dump all that tea into the ocean.) I’m going to be taking a Book News break next week, while I traipse across the U.S. to visit family before I turn around and traipse across the Atlantic at the […]

Book News, June 21st

We’ve got sun and warmth, bookworms! After what felt like an endless winter, us Bostonians finally have weather that matches the season; namely, 80-degree temps and lots of sunshine. Just in time for the longest day of the year and the official calendar start to summer. The small-but-delightful pool for my apartment complex is open, […]