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Book News, Sept. 28th

We interrupt your Saturday blog reading to let you know that Book News has taken an unexpected hiatus this week, due to the unbelievable CLUSTER-FLUFF of a week I had at work. With apologies, I’m just too tired to write, even about the stuff I love. Enjoy the weekend and the fall weather. I’ll be […]

Book News, Aug. 24th

It’s the craziest thing, bookworms – there really wasn’t much book news this week. Oh sure, stuff happened, but none of it really caught my eye. So, consider this a summer break. Get off the Internet, pick up a book and READ. (And come back next week for more actual Book News).


Greetings, bookworms! Things are changing a bit around here at the Librarian Next Door. I recently moved to a new office at work, which requires a new commute – one in which I now drive, instead of taking public transportation. While this probably isn’t overly interesting to you, it does mean that my 25-minutes-each-way reading […]