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Book News, March 8th

It’s time to lose some time, bookworms. It’s Daylight Savings Time this weekend, when most of us here in the US “spring forward” and get a lot more sunlight in the afternoon. It will be nice to have it stay lighter, later, but losing that hour is always tough. Still, with any luck, it will […]

Book News, Feb. 22nd

I escaped, bookworms! This past week, I fled the cold, snowy northeast, for the warm(er) climate of Hilton Head Island, SC. It was actually quite glorious, with temperatures in the 60’s, 70’s and even in the 80’s a few days. (Yes, you can be jealous. It’s okay.) Now that I’m back in the frozen tundra […]

Book News, July 6th

Welcome to July, bookworms, and the heat. Summer is definitely here, at least in Boston. We’re in the middle of a 90-degree-plus heat wave and frankly, I could do without the humidity (it’s a killer on paper books, you know). Still, I remind myself that in the dead of winter, I’d eagerly trade the snow […]